Friday, 8 July 2016

Pupils put on a great show at South Wales school

Circo Rum Ba Ba
The pupils from Cwmbran’s Blenheim Road Community Primary School sampled the world of theatre promotion recently when they worked as a team to plan and organise an event that promoted the visit of the women’s circus theatre company, Circo Rum Ba Ba which fuses spectacular theatre with a diverse range of circus skills and disguise.

The young promoters have been worked as managers, marketing officers, designers and more to create a wonderful setting and audience for the event entitled L’Hotel which took place at the school on July 1.

Pupils worked with staff to organise a raffle, refreshments and snacks while local businesses also got involved with fund raising donations.  Funds raised on the day went to Blenheim Road Community Primary School.

Pupils at Cwmbran's
Blenheim Road Primary School
The event was made possible by the Arts Council of Wales, Night Out Young Promoters Scheme and supported by Communities First. Jack, the manager of the group commented “I think it's a really good project. Good to make us more creative and working as a team. Making us more artistic and open minded.”

Young promoter facilitator Naz Syed continued, “It has been a brilliant experience working with the group of young promoters In Blenheim Road Community Primary School. The support of their teachers and chance to be in charge on the day gave the children a new found confidence.”

An Arts Council of Wales scheme, Night out takes away the financial risk of bringing professional shows to community venues in Wales, providing funding, tickets, advice and recommendations for great shows. For further details on other Night Out events visit

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